1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day three.

  Short post today Not much to write today. Long day. Managed to capture a few interesting shots of the sun going down between clouds. Living so close to a major university makes it easy to get to high locations for sky shots. Something about the sky in black and white… :)   The Final […]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day two.

Capturing the Sunset For day 2 I went out to the park near my house to try and capture the sunset. I didn’t make it out fast enough, however, and by the time I made it to the bridge from which I was hoping to shoot some nice skyline shots it ended up being a […]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day one.

Credit to Andrew My good friend Andrew recently acquired a Canon Rebel T1i. Like me, he is very interested in photography and really wants to do something to keep himself steady and routinely taking photos. He and I were talking a few days ago about both of us being interested in photography and becoming better […]