A Change of direction As some of you may have noticed, I have not been able to keep up with the “one photo a day” pace at which I began. While I admit that was a bit ambitious, I have no intention of backing down from the 50 photoblogs to which I initially committed. It […]

The OM-D

How things started I had the luxury of being able to try out a number of cameras in my process of learning about photography. I knew I wanted something with a larger sensor than a point and shoot, even a high-end one, mainly for the ability to take precise control over the depth of field […]


reflection… When a person looks at their life they can often name at least one thing they are passionate about. For some people it’s obvious. The avid Miami Dolphins fan (yes, they do exist) who knows the average yards-per-attempt for every string running back. The MLG player who spends hours perfecting his Starcraft strategy to […]