The Final Fantasy Syndrome (updated 1/18/19)

There’s a time in most jRPGs where you reach the end. I don’t mean the last battle with the final boss. I’m talking about the part of the game in which you have free reign to explore the entire world, clean up any remaining side quests, battle rare monsters, and search for those legendary treasures […]

My Favorite Game of All Time

  I’ve been trying to write a review of Shining Force III for a month now and it’s just not coming together. Not finding the time, not finding the words etc. So for now I am settling on a short post about the game and what it means to me. For some people their favorite […]


A Change of direction As some of you may have noticed, I have not been able to keep up with the “one photo a day” pace at which I began. While I admit that was a bit ambitious, I have no intention of backing down from the 50 photoblogs to which I initially committed. It […]