A strange calm I live in Florida. Lightning Alley, specifically. My roommate and I were sitting out on the porch watching the storm this afternoon (an occurrence far more common than not in these parts) and had a wonderful view of a brief lightning show. Capturing lightning on film is not easy, and I […]


  A good bike ride Rode the bike along the trail today. Just starting this whole road biking thing out. Rode for about 45 minutes averaging 16mph. Constant cadence pedaling. Tougher and harder workout than I thought it would be, but it feels good to sweat and exercise again. Stopped by the pond on the […]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day two.

Capturing the Sunset For day 2 I went out to the park near my house to try and capture the sunset. I didn’t make it out fast enough, however, and by the time I made it to the bridge from which I was hoping to shoot some nice skyline shots it ended up being a […]

The OM-D

How things started I had the luxury of being able to try out a number of cameras in my process of learning about photography. I knew I wanted something with a larger sensor than a point and shoot, even a high-end one, mainly for the ability to take precise control over the depth of field […]


reflection… When a person looks at their life they can often name at least one thing they are passionate about. For some people it’s obvious. The avid Miami Dolphins fan (yes, they do exist) who knows the average yards-per-attempt for every string running back. The MLG player who spends hours perfecting his Starcraft strategy to […]