riding I went for a bike ride today. A trail nearby. The longest solo ride I've done yet. For Christmas last year my roommates got me a beautiful road bike and I've yet to really give it the wear and tear it deserves due to some initial complications, but over the last couple weeks I've [...]


UNexpected Adventure So I had my evening all planned out after work when halfway through the day my friend Will texted me and asked if I'd like to go comic book hunting with him. Being a nerd at heart (and on my sleeve too) I most definitely accepted his offer. He picked me up in [...]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day three.

  Short post today Not much to write today. Long day. Managed to capture a few interesting shots of the sun going down between clouds. Living so close to a major university makes it easy to get to high locations for sky shots. Something about the sky in black and white... :)   The Final [...]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day two.

Capturing the Sunset For day 2 I went out to the park near my house to try and capture the sunset. I didn't make it out fast enough, however, and by the time I made it to the bridge from which I was hoping to shoot some nice skyline shots it ended up being a [...]

1200 hours, 50 photoblogs. Day one.

Credit to Andrew My good friend Andrew recently acquired a Canon Rebel T1i. Like me, he is very interested in photography and really wants to do something to keep himself steady and routinely taking photos. He and I were talking a few days ago about both of us being interested in photography and becoming better [...]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Certain melodies have a way of affecting us. When I was younger I had a pet guinea pig. Her name was snowflake and I loved that tiny tan rodent.  I would take her out of the cage daily and sit an the couch with her on my chest, my arms wrapping her in a little [...]

Wheel of Time

The book in the photograph you see is the eleventh in a fantasy series known as the Wheel of Time. Comprised of 14 novels, not one of which less than 650 pages long, the series is epic on the most grand of scales, and one that pulled me in from the moment I picked up [...]

The OM-D

How things started I had the luxury of being able to try out a number of cameras in my process of learning about photography. I knew I wanted something with a larger sensor than a point and shoot, even a high-end one, mainly for the ability to take precise control over the depth of field [...]