A strange calm

I live in Florida. Lightning Alley, specifically. My roommate and I were sitting out on the porch watching the storm this afternoon (an occurrence far more common than not in these parts) and had a wonderful view of a brief lightning show. Capturing lightning on film is not easy, and I didn’t get but two usable shots during the entirety of my 20 minute adventure, but it was better than nothing. I had some quality time with my roommate just chilling, watching and listening to the quiet majestic nature lightning and thunder with the rain itself providing a subtle ambience. There is always something strangely calming about it. I think, for me, it’s knowing that there is something bigger out there, that I am really just a flea in the scope of things. Rather than be intimidated or discouraged, I rest in knowing that power and that majesty is at work everyday in ways I may never know, and that knowledge leaves me in awe. I’m blessed to be able to be even the most miniscule part of that greater plan. And blessed to capture a snippet of that power every once and again in photographs.


the final product:


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