Small things

So it rained yesterday. I stepped outside to take some pictures of the rain. Exciting, I know. I wasn’t able to get anything too great as the rain wasn’t falling as heavy as I needed to capture the pictures I was going for. As I turned to go back into the house, however, I noticed a tiny snail moving along at a brisk pace to some destination known only to him. I was struck by the sheer determination that this little slug with a shell had. He moved and moved and moved without care or thought as to the giant presence looming over him snapping away photos.


Small lessons

After watching, photographing, and videoing the little guy for a while I started thinking about his trek. He was determined, no matter how slow he was moving, to keep pressing on toward his goal. He wasn’t going to let anything deter him. Wherever he had to go, he was going, and that was that. Perseverance. Determination. Relentlessness, even. So many principles to be gained from this tiny creature’s quest. I left him to his business, not wanting to chance impeding his journey further, and decided that this photo captured best his tiny adventure through a massive world.


The Final product:




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