An old bench

On any given day this bench can always look different. It’s one of my favorite things to shoot, especially with people on it, but today I decided to spontaneously stop at the park on my way home after a rain, sans people. The lighting was very diffuse and didn’t cast many shadows, but that actually made the picture nice for a slightly lower contrast than normal photo that fits into the retro look and feel very well. At least, to me :)


The final product:


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I am an aspiring photographer, photo blogger, blogger, and writer, in no particular order. For Photography I specialize in Outdoor Portraits, Macro Photography, and Night Photography. I am also hoping to get into Street Photography soon, once I garner up the courage to do that.

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  1. Where is this bench friend. I would much like to sit on it. Imagine if you will the sky blue goddess (Alana) parked behind the bench and a good book for reading.
    Note* I’m very fond of good earth and rich greens. Thus, my favorite in your posting for now.

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