A good bike ride

Rode the bike along the trail today. Just starting this whole road biking thing out. Rode for about 45 minutes averaging 16mph. Constant cadence pedaling. Tougher and harder workout than I thought it would be, but it feels good to sweat and exercise again. Stopped by the pond on the tail end of the stretch back and started taking pictures of the sky and the lake and trees and such when I walked back to get a wider view and saw my bike and backpack sitting interestingly, especially when framed by the tree to the left. Not perfect, and not really as high contrast as I like, but I thought the composition was rather attractive and I liked the slight blur of the background in opposition to the subject, obviously the bike.


the final product:


One thought on “1200 HOURS, 50 PHOTOBLOGS. DAY NINE.

  1. Great post mate. really into the finished product here. Not a bad day when you get to play in God’s good work and take some photos while doing it. Keep it up. I’d be curious how she looks with some down-town scenes in the backdrop.
    – We are overdue for the over hang ride. Soon friend. Soon.

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