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So I had my evening all planned out after work when halfway through the day my friend Will texted me and asked if I’d like to go comic book hunting with him. Being a nerd at heart (and on my sleeve too) I most definitely accepted his offer. He picked me up in the early afternoon after my short Friday shift and we drove. And drove. And drove. But it was worth it. We found the ruins of a comic book store that had moved in February but apparently had forgotten to tell Bing maps that. Yeah. That’s what I’ll go with. We almost met with a sketchy guy who wanted to sell Will some comic books out of the back of his van. Or sedan. Or something else slightly nefarious. I found old toys at a hobby shop that I remembered playing with when I was just a little guy, when I was first learning who Spider Man was. And we found an awesome little “tea cafe,” I myself not being privy to the knowledge of the existence of such things. I’m glad to have remedied that. At the end of the day I found myself with a wonderful batch of random photographs, as that wasn’t the main reason for the adventure, and satisfied with an afternoon well-spend with a good friend on a grand adventure.



My mother absolutely loves steeples. She loves everything about churches, from the grandiose century-spanning Gothic cathedrals to modern mega churches with their fantastic, and almost fantastical at times, architecture. So as I was snapping pictures here and there of Will and the sky and a cool little tea-timer that we found at the cafe, I knew instantly that today’s photo would be of this small methodist church sitting on the corner of a very suburban area. Not particularly out of place architecturally as many of the buildings in the area are brickwork themselves, the cultural significance of a church in the middle of a very hipster, free-thinking area caused me to stop. When I did, I looked at the symmetry of the building, not uncommon among churches but certainly something my own eye is inclined toward, and had to take the picture. The colors of midday were a bit drab, however, and very very bright. I tried to bump the contrast a little and age the photo somewhat, giving it a slightly more “lost in time” look, hopefully making the viewer wonder when it was taken.


The final product:


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  1. Ahhhh yes most worthy of stopping to take its picture, I love this, I thank you son, honored actually that you thought of me on your journey…
    The 3 crosses caught my attention near immediately. Such quiet strength in the midst of the neighborhood, just like God, His quiet strength carries us through so much. I am very grateful for your picture of the day son, thank you…

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