I went for a bike ride today. A trail nearby. The longest solo ride I’ve done yet. For Christmas last year my roommates got me a beautiful road bike and I’ve yet to really give it the wear and tear it deserves due to some initial complications, but over the last couple weeks I’ve started taking her out on the road more often. Went just over 15 miles today at a decent clip, but stopped here and there to take some photos. It’s a very scenic route and, I think, will be the source for many of the future posts to come here. Anywho, enough of that.



A word used metaphorically near incessantly, to be sure. In this case, I mean the literal. Whilst riding today I found a number of underpasses and traditional bridges. I felt that many of them had great potential for photo ops but I chose to only shoot one today as I was trying to get some cardio and not take too too many breaks from the ride. I rode the trail to its end and, on the way back, chose an aged-looking tied-arch style iron bridge. It reminded me of an old covered bridge I’d taken pictures on when in Michigan years ago as a youngster. Good memories. As it were, these are some of the pictures I was able to hastily come up with. The sun was at a pretty nice angle in the evening sky and moving slowly downward casting a glow that made for some nice, softer-than-harsh-afternoon lighting.



If you notice I said “pictures’ in my previous paragraph. I think I will post a few pictures a day if I think I have more than one winner, as I like to share more than just a single shot from my daily adventure. The “photo of the day” for the 50 and 50 in 50 theme project, however, will be the featured image at the top of the post. You can also find it in the portfolio page 1200 Hours, 50 Photoblogs, the Pictures if you so desire. :)


the final product(s):




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  1. I just love the reflection of the sky in the water then the bridge itself. So much fun, great shots…

  2. That is an awesome bridge, love the pics, particularly the one taken with a view of the path of the bridge. Definitely evokes a sense of adventure in me.

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